Last week my friends Mike and Laura who own Rock Your World in Lincoln City, Oregon came for a visit to do some rockhounding.  On Wednesday we went to Graveyard point to search for agate.  Many varieties of agate can be found there.  Snake River Dendrite, Regency Rose Plume and Feather Ridge Plum agates are just a few varieties from this area.  Despite the wide variety of agates I wasn’t too excited about going because I have explored the area many times.

graveyard point landscape
Graveyard Point Landscape


To access the area most people use a bridge located about a mile left of the end of Graveyard Point Road to cross a canal.  For quite while I thought that this bridge was the only public access over the canal.  This time we accessed the area using another bridge located at the end of Johnstone Road.  This lead us to a new section that I had not explored before which made me more excited.

We spent a few hours exploring the new section but did not find much more than a few crumbs here and there.  I think we would have found more if we had the right vehicle.  We were riding in a two wheel drive Ford pickup that could not go to many locations.  If we had my Durango that would not have been an issue.

Since we weren’t finding much material we decided to go back to the section we did know.  I am not going to tell exactly where that is because we have found a nice vein that produced plum agate, angle wing agate and some nice bitriodal agates.  We are considering filing a claim there.

angle-wing agate
Angle Wing and Botryoidal Agates


That first half of the day didn’t yield much but the second half was great.  We wanted to continue working the agate vain but the day was coming to an end and we were getting tired.  It was time to head home and get some sleep so we would be ready for the next day when we would be going to explore around Juntura, Oregon.  That will be the subject of my next post.