A couple Sundays ago some friends from Twin Falls, Idaho joined me on a trip to Succor Creek Park in Eastern Oregon. The trip started a little late around 10:30 in the morning, typically I like to start trips early 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning. Despite the late start it was great to get out with friends and enjoy searching for rocks in fresh outdoors.

We went into the park from Homedale, Idaho. The first stop we made was at the bridge crossing succor creek where Carol and Nola unloaded their quads. We quickly loaded buckets and tools for digging onto the quads then Nola and her sister Hayley took off over the bridge. Carol then tuned to me and told me that I was driving. Having never been on a quad I was a bit nervous but went with the flow. At first it was a little rough for Carol and I but soon I was little more comfortable with the situation and the ride smoothed out.

As soon as we crossed the bridge we took the trail to the left and headed up to the top of the cliffs to search for a couple thunder egg beds. First we went south looking for dig sites I was hoping to find. When I returned home I looked on Google Earth and saw that we did not go far enough. However, we did find some eggs and a lizard so it wasn’t a waste of time. (If the lizards are out so are their cousins the rattle snakes. Always be aware that snakes are out there and very dangerous.) Next we headed north and did find a thunder egg bed. We didn’t dig long but did manage to find quite a few small eggs, golf ball size and smaller.

carol and nola
Carol and Nola
john carol and nola
John, Carol and Nola
the lizard
The Lizard

Since we were not finding any large eggs we decided to move on to another location where I know there were bigger eggs then on to a leaf fossil location. When we got to the turn to the thunder egg bed we decide not to go to the bed since time was running out. We continued on to the turn to the leaf fossils where the quads were unloaded again. We rode eight miles in to the site and spent about an hour pulling fossils out of a small canyon wall and collecting tumble size pieces of jasper. By the time we left the sun was beginning to set. Luckily we made it back to the vehicles before dark.

owyhee landscape
Owyhee Landscape
leaf fossils
Leaf Fossils

The drive out through McBride Creek was quick but not fast enough to avoid driving on the back roads in the dark. At least these roads were better driving that those coming in from Homedale. Once we reached highway 95 it was smooth sailing back to Boise. I got home just before 11:00.


The next morning I woke up sore. I think it was from being tense while riding the quads. The soreness lasted three days but was a fair price to pay for a good adventure.

Photography by Hayley Lighthart