A couple years ago I went on a trip with my friend Laura and Mike to the Juntura area in Oregon. Juntura is about 130 miles west of Boise. The first half of the trip is not that exciting but the second half has great scenery. The area has many rockhounding opportunities. Petrified wood can be found between Juntura and the Warm Lake Reservoir. Many agate varieties can be found around that reservoir. Fish gill fossils can be found around Beulah reservoir. When we went we found another area that had agate and jasper. The material we found was fantastic and we wanted to return soon. Jump ahead two years and finally we are getting back there.

Juntura Jasper

When we arrived we turned on the road leading to Beulah Reservoir where we had collected the time before. Last time we crossed the damn and collected at the bottom of a hill so we decided that we would go to the top of the same hill this time. We did find some jasper and agate but not the quality that was found before. We didn’t have time to return to the lower part of the hill so I am hoping that can be part of the next trip to this area.

After exploring the top we decided to leave using a different route than the one we drove in on. This gave us the opportunity to survey more locations. One location we found had an interesting opal in a road cut. I managed to get a half bucket of the material.

The ride home was even nicer that the ride there. The different variety of clouds that had moved into the area that afternoon made for some fantastic photos.

Clouds Near Juntura, Oregon

After doing two trips back to back I was ready for a relaxing weekend but that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, Saturday morning Jason, Andy and I were heading to Mountain Home, Idaho where we were going to meeting up with Carol and Nola from Twin Falls. From there we were going to check out the Bruneau woodpile.

Hmmm? What should I write about next?