Diamond Laser Speedster XL

June 15, 2010

When making cabochons I love to do freeform shapes. The classic round and oval cabochons are ok but not exciting to me. Cutting freeform shapes (pre-forms) can be a challenge. Using a trim saw you can make multiple cuts then clean up the curves with a grinding wheel. This wastes a lot of the material. After trying many different trim saws I knew that I needed to find a better way to cut freeform curves. I found two possible options, a ring saw and a diamond band saw. Due to price of the ring saw I decide to try the diamond band saw.

The next step was to decide what band saw to buy. I always try to do thing cheap as possible (not really a good thing when buying lapidary equipment) so I looked at the Inland lapidary band saw and the Diamond Tech Speedster-XL band saw. Since I am not a fan of Inland products I was already leaning towards the Speedster-XL. After reading about the metal inner frame, the extra blade and the three year warranty I chose the Speeder-XL.

diamond laser speedster xl

Diamond Laser Speedster XL

The best price ($219.00 shipping included) I found for this saw was from the company Timeless Tiffany, a stain glass shop in Elkton, Maryland. I placed my order that was shipped the next day and a week later UPS delivered it. I was so excited to have my new band saw. I spread all the parts out on the table and started reading the manual and assemble instructions. That is when I noticed a piece still in the packaging that didn


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