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Amethyst Healing Sphere approximately 1" diameter

  • Chakra: Crown or Third Eye
  • Chemistry: SiO2 silicon dioxide with iron
  • Beneficial for: physical and emotional pain, decision making, nightmares, anxiety, stress, OCD, anger
  • Healing Properties: Promoting love of the divine, Amethyst provides physical, emotional, and mental balance.  It encourages spiritual wisdom and enhances meditation.  A great stone for memory and motivation.

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The information in our listings regarding the spiritual and metaphysical healing properties of stones is intuitive, and not scientifically verified. 
We cannot guarantee any results with any stone. We do not advocate the use of stones as a substitute for medical care.

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We do our best to get a true representation of our products. 

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Amethyst Healing Sphere AS5082

  • Product Code: AS5082
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  • $9.95

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